Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi-Fi 4 Sale: This is the Original Hi-Fi 4 Sale (

There is the real one and there are the others...

We've received a few queries recently regarding who the real Hi-Fi 4 Sale is. Just Google 'hifi4sale' and you get at least 7 or more ***hifi4sale*** addresses.

Well, the solution is simple. There is only one e-mail address that is, which was tied to the original and that e-mail will re-direct you to or

Anyway, as stated in, we will be having a face-to-face gathering in PJ on 21st Feb, location to be decided. You get to meet the other Hi-Fi 4 Sale members, know who they are, get to see or buy some equipment, new or used and get some dealer promotions in conjunction with Hi-Fi 4 Sale.

Please come join us!

Hi-Fi 4 Sale: is now

Please click on this link: and proceed to register yourselves there.

It's a much better site once you get used to it. For example, you can also post discussions about tubes, amps, speakers etc. in the Equipment Discussions section.

There's much more to be found there. We now have more than 100 registered users there in the span of 3 days. will be discontinued soon. The site will be here, but you will no longer be able to post new items.

Thank you for your support. Please enjoy the new site:!

Hi-Fi 4 Sale: Migration to

As of 20 Jan 2009, please proceed to:

It is more scalable and we will be able to accept an unlimited number of members.
As it stands, another week to go and will hit the limit on the number or authors who can post Wanted or For Sale items.

We encourage you to re-post your items there. In future, we will redirect all traffic to

This site is a work-in-progress. Do stay tuned for further updates. Your feedback is appreciated.

You may notice that there are additional Forums there, including Press Releases & New Product Introductions (NPI). If you are an equipment distributor or dealer, please feel free to post there.

Music lovers & film buffs may proceed to the Music & Video Reviews section.

There's also a Systems Gallery for all of us to enjoy looking at. Don't be too modest about your system. Share the good stuff with us!

Lastly, we are looking for site moderators in all the individual sections. This will help us run a better site than before. Let's have some fun together. E-mail me at for the area you are interested in. We'll make this one of the most fun, if not the most informative audio & video site for video/audiophiles in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chario Silverette 100 speakers (Demo)

Made In Italy. Demo in our showroom only. Excellent condition (9/10).
Good match to most Valve or Solid State Amplifier.

Asking for only RM1,100.00
Serious enquiries please contact Steven at Soundtech Hifi (Sg.Petani).012-4222393

Sunday, January 25, 2009

B&W AS6 subwoofer (Used)

Selling my above mentioned active subwoofer for RM1300. Condition 7/10, made in England, using 12" driver front firing, excellent for music. COD in Sarawak, other cities and states please accept mailing or must have friends that able to help pick up. Please call 0168833783, thanks!

InFocus IN72 projector (Used)

Selling my Infocus IN72 for only RM2200, bought for Rm4600. Condition like new, 9/10. Lamp life usage only 5X hrs used. Come with original remote, menu, cd, power cord, cables....COD in Sarawak, other cities and states please accept mailing or must have friends that able to help to pick up. Please call 0168833783

Friday, January 23, 2009

Michael Green Audio Room Tunes accessories (Used) SOLD

2 pairs (4 units) of used Corner Tunes and 1 pair (2 units) of Echo Tunes for sale.Made by world reknowned acoustic tunning/treatment designer, Mr. Micheal Green.Corner tunes & Echo Tunes are considerably best way of tuning your room from dead sound to lively sound.Once treated/positioned you will noticed the improvements especially the highs are more defined and soundstage depth expanded.Highly recommended & glowing reviews by most of hifi magazine eg. Stereophiles & Absolute Sound.Please visit for further details.SOLD.for 4 units of Corner Tunes & 1 pair (2 units) of Echo Tunes.Condition is 8/10 and instruction manuals is provided(easy to install due to lightweight).Interested please contact Amar at 013-7155448.Courier/handling can be arrange for outstation buyer.Many thanks for viewing and my buyer.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bada LB-5500 Professional Edition power conditioner (New)

Newly arrived stocks of Bada's Professional Edition Power Filter. The Professional Edition utilizes a 2-way design for both power filtering and isolation thus ensuring independent supply rails resulting in clean, uncorrupted AC current for all your equipment needs. Provides common-mode & differential-mode power filtration. Quality parts are employed throughout for critical audio-video use. Limited stocks at special price of RM650 per unit with Lifetime Warranty by Audio Synthesis. You can be assured of uninterrupted continuous use of the unit. Contact: Simon @ 012-3203380

Also available is the lower spec'd model: LB-3300 at RM350 with the same Lifetime Warranty by Audio Synthesis.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bada LB-5500 Professional Edition power conditioner (New)

Bada LB-5500 Audiophile Power Filter Plant Unique two-way design with independent power switches and independent filtering network;-Two distributary circuits for less interference and high fidelity(for amplifiers,for source and pre-amp,other outlets with no filters)Separated power switch control)Main power voltage meter can monitoring ratioProfessional sockets and thick copper spring plates for tight connection and less lossWIMA capacitor filter and inductance capacitor filterHeavy duty aluminum alloy chassisProtection for thunder shock and overload. Detachable power cable10 ports (6 Universal + 4 US )8 filter + 2 DirectSpecificationsRating voltage: 230V/50HzMaximum carrying power: 3000WMaximum electricity: 15ASize:6"x6"x14" Surge and Spike protector

Price at RM650. Call 0167887786 Edwin.
All new in Box with one year Warranty

Wharfedale Pacific Pi-10 speakers (Used)

Wanna let go my Wharfedale Pacific Pi-10 bookshelf speakers. Very good condition 8/10. Sound is crisp and detailed with good bass extension.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harmonic Technology Pro AC11 power cord (Used) SOLD

1 unit of used Harmonic Technology model Pro Ac-11 power cord for sale.1meter length.Well known brand for their high-end cables.Using 11AWG finest copper.Terminated with Wattgate & Hubell IEC grade receptacles.Condition is 8/10.Selling for only RM480(nego).I also have 1 used Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10(1meter) -SOLD.Interested please contact Amar at 013-7155448.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sonus Faber replica 28-inch speaker stands (Used) SOLD

Rare Replica Sonus Faber 28-inches Speaker Stands
Heavy Solid Metal Stand,
Speaker Stand comes with spikes
Follow orginal specs
Comes with bottom thighting screws for speakers
Fits SF Concertino, SF Concerto & SF Signums

For Those Who Appreciate their Sonus Speakers but do not want to pay RM1700 for the original stands .

I used them for my SF Concertos. These speakers are reserved & the stands are for sale.

COD Subang Jaya
Letting fo for RM499

Buzz me at 016 7777 880 - Brad

Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II speaker cables (Used) SOLD

Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable - Biwire / 3m Pair
MINT Like new Condition in Box (9.5/10)
Only 50 hours used.

Blue Heaven Revision II loudspeaker cable consists of 72 separate conductors of 99.99999% OFC plated with fifty microns of high grade silver.

Blazingly fast, Blue Heaven transmits signals at over 93% the speed of light.

Refined, detailed and transparent, this cable will transport you to audio nirvana.

“A superb cable that manages to straddle the divide between revelation and clinical exposure. Very pure and grain-free, and able to present a wealth of detail in a wholly believable manner.” ~ Andrew Harrison - Hi-Fi News and Record Review

“Blue Heaven Rev II is a fantastic cable.” ~ Hi Fi Sound and Vision

Blue Heaven Rev II is terminated with 4mm Z plugs as standard


Selling for Rm1599 (RSP RM2599)
Money back Guaranteed within 24 hours if its not your cup of tea. =)
Will deliver to anywhere in Malaysia
COD Subang Jaya

Buzz me at 016 77 77 880 -Brad

Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 processor (Used)

Contect:Mr Chew 0122242724
Price: RM1100 (nego)
Condition: 8/10
Reason to sale: Upgrade

B&W CDM1 speakers (Used) SOLD

Contect:Mr Chew 0122242724
Price: RM2400 (nego). SOLD.
Condition: 7.5/10
Reason to sale: Upgrade
Dimension: 220 x 370 x 274
Power Handling: (RMS W) 25W-120W; 8 ohm
Finish: Rose wood
Weight: 8.5kg

Sunday, January 18, 2009

DIY Marantz M7 preamp (Used) SOLD

Selling my Marantz M-7 Tube preamp, this is a DIY preamp. All capacitor change to Obbligato film caps (Please refer to for review) . the volume control is ALPS black beauty. Condition 8/10, selling at RM(SOLD). Please call/SMS 012-2072859

Marantz CD-63 CD player (Used) SOLD

Marantz CD-63 in good working condition, condition : 8/10, price SOLD, please call Patrick 012-2072859, in PJ/KL

Lenco L75 turntable (Used)

Selling a Lenco L75 turntable, c/w original tonearm. Turntable mounted on solid wood plinth. Condition is very good (9/10). Price: RM950. Interested, please contact: +6 012 217 5825

Thorens TD321 turntable (Used)

Selling a Thorens TD321 turntable (without tonearm). Condition is good (8/10). Price: RM1200 (nego). Interested, please contact: +6 012 217 5825

Thorens TD146 Mk6 turntable (Used)

Selling a Thorens TD146 Mk6 turntable, c/w TP50 tonearm. Condition is good (8/10). Price: RM1100 (nego). Interested, please contact: +6 012 217 5825

Thorens TD135 turntable (Used)

Selling a Thorens TD135 turntable, c/w TP14 tonearm, Comes with solid wood plinth. Condition is good (8/10). Price: RM2800 (nego). Interested, please contact: +6 012 217 5825

Lenco L75 turntable (Used)

Selling 4 units of Lenco L75 turntable (without tonearm). All are mounted on solid wood plinth. Condition is good (8/10). Price: RM3000 for all. Interested, please contact: +6012 217 5825

Monarchy Audio Model 18B D/A converter (Used)

Monarchy audio model 18 B d a c,condition:7/10,good working condition,price rm 1150.00 nego,please call loy 0163683523.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

PS Audio xStream Plus power cord (Used) SOLD

No intro needed on this fabulous power cord. Lots of rave reviews available on the web...

1.5m long, in good condition. No original box, but will be packed safely if posting is required. Price: RM500. SOLD.

Please check out my other ads for other models or email for more info if interested. Email:

WTB: Marantz PM7200 KI Signature integrated amp (Used)

Wanted: Marantz PM7200KI integrated amplifier. Must be in excellent condition. Please email or SMS 016 298 0057.

Sample photo (C) Marantz. Thank you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nordost Red Dawn interconnects (Used) SOLD

Nordost Red Dawn Rev2 Interconnect 1m (Mint)
MINT like new with Original Box
Condition 9/10
Less than 20 hours on it.

Speed and control are the hallmark of Red Dawn’s sound. “It is fast, sonically neutral, giving listening a touch of urgency and dynamism.” –The Absolute Sound

Nordost's award-winning Red Dawn interconnect has tremendous speed and dynamics without the bulk of other cables. Red Dawn is a revelation in systems needing more air and low frequency extension.


Letting go at Sold (RSP RM1700)
Money back Guaranteed within 24 hours if its not your cup of tea. =)
Will deliver to anywhere in Malaysia
COD in Subang Parade area

Buzz me at 016 7777 880 - Brad

Nordost Baldur interconnects (Demo) SOLD

Nordost Baldur Interconnect 0.6m (Demo Unit)

Factory terminated by Nordost for Nordost distributors.
“It's fitting that one of the most expensive interconnects also serves up the greatest amount of detail. Nordost's the Baldur manages to differentiate dynamic subtleties with ease. The top end extends beautifully, and it's incredibly rhythmically precise.”
“Digs extremely deep for detail; excellent in the top end” -Whathifi

My personal experience with the Baldur its more detailed and open than the Nordost Red Dawn & Blue Heavens. Very close to the Valhalla.


Get it only for a fraction of the price.
Letting go at Sold (RSP RM1950)

Money back Guaranteed within 24 hours if its not your cup of tea. =)
Will deliver to anywhere in Malaysia
COD in Subang Parade area
Buzz me at 016 7777 880 - Brad

Audio Specs Music Reference interconnects (Used)

Brand : Audio Specs Music Reference
Condition :Used

Prices : RM 250 neg

Contact : Mr Azlan
Mobile phone : 0194771410
Location : Penang

Van den Hul CS122 speaker cables (Used)

Brand : Van Den Hul CS 122
Condition : Used
Length : 2 x 2.5 m
Prices : Rm 270

Contact : Mr Koay
Mobile phone : 0124333896
Location : Butterworth

AudioQuest IEC plugs (New)

Brand : Audioquest IEC plug converter, IEC plug (Made in holland)
Condition : New
Prices : RM120

Contact : Mr Azlan
Mobile phone : 0194771410
Location : Penang