Friday, January 23, 2009

Michael Green Audio Room Tunes accessories (Used) SOLD

2 pairs (4 units) of used Corner Tunes and 1 pair (2 units) of Echo Tunes for sale.Made by world reknowned acoustic tunning/treatment designer, Mr. Micheal Green.Corner tunes & Echo Tunes are considerably best way of tuning your room from dead sound to lively sound.Once treated/positioned you will noticed the improvements especially the highs are more defined and soundstage depth expanded.Highly recommended & glowing reviews by most of hifi magazine eg. Stereophiles & Absolute Sound.Please visit for further details.SOLD.for 4 units of Corner Tunes & 1 pair (2 units) of Echo Tunes.Condition is 8/10 and instruction manuals is provided(easy to install due to lightweight).Interested please contact Amar at 013-7155448.Courier/handling can be arrange for outstation buyer.Many thanks for viewing and my buyer.

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