Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi-Fi 4 Sale: This is the Original Hi-Fi 4 Sale (

There is the real one and there are the others...

We've received a few queries recently regarding who the real Hi-Fi 4 Sale is. Just Google 'hifi4sale' and you get at least 7 or more ***hifi4sale*** addresses.

Well, the solution is simple. There is only one e-mail address that is, which was tied to the original and that e-mail will re-direct you to or

Anyway, as stated in, we will be having a face-to-face gathering in PJ on 21st Feb, location to be decided. You get to meet the other Hi-Fi 4 Sale members, know who they are, get to see or buy some equipment, new or used and get some dealer promotions in conjunction with Hi-Fi 4 Sale.

Please come join us!

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