Friday, January 16, 2009

Nordost Baldur interconnects (Demo) SOLD

Nordost Baldur Interconnect 0.6m (Demo Unit)

Factory terminated by Nordost for Nordost distributors.
“It's fitting that one of the most expensive interconnects also serves up the greatest amount of detail. Nordost's the Baldur manages to differentiate dynamic subtleties with ease. The top end extends beautifully, and it's incredibly rhythmically precise.”
“Digs extremely deep for detail; excellent in the top end” -Whathifi

My personal experience with the Baldur its more detailed and open than the Nordost Red Dawn & Blue Heavens. Very close to the Valhalla.


Get it only for a fraction of the price.
Letting go at Sold (RSP RM1950)

Money back Guaranteed within 24 hours if its not your cup of tea. =)
Will deliver to anywhere in Malaysia
COD in Subang Parade area
Buzz me at 016 7777 880 - Brad

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